Wily Frenzy (Yesh Nagar) Wiki | Age | Income | Songs | Brother Of CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar)

Wily Frenzy (Yesh Nagar) Is The Brother Of CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar). His full wiki includes his bio, real name, age, net worth, and list of songs.

The brother of CarryMinati, Wily Frenzy, is slightly older than his sibling. Wily Frenzy’s real name is Yash Nagar, and CarryMinati’s real name is Ajey Nagar.

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What is the Age of Wily Frenzy?

Wily  Frenzy He goes by the name Yesh Nagar, is between the ages of 26 and 27, and is currently single.

What is the Hobby of Wily Frenzy?

The most well-known song Wily Frenzy has written is Yalgaar, which has received 58 million plus views on YouTube in just three days and 9.2 million plus likes on the CarryMinati YouTube channel. Wily Frenzy loves to perform songs and is also a composer.

CarryMinati Most Populer Song Ft. Wily Frenzy (YALGAR)

YALGAR Song On YouTube Channelble of Content

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