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London Files Review, a new web series, is now available. We will discuss this new Release London Files imdb Rating with you today. What is the cast list for London Files? What is the OTT platform for London Files? This post regarding the new London Files Review web series contains all the information you need.

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Review of London Files

Here, a brand-new thriller web series called London Files Review is made available on an OTT platform. This web series is excellent and offers a lot of beneficial information. Arjun Rampal stars as the lead in this, his debut online series, the London Files Review. Although there are a huge amount of this kind of fantastic web shows available, this one has something special.

Arjun Rampal must conduct an investigation for the London Files Review web programme, and he now obeys PM Singh’s orders because something has transpired in the city. One missing person report and one person are both submitted. We will observe the crime in London metropolis in this web series.

The storyline of this web series is highly compelling, and the direction of the entire production is excellent. The actors in the cast were all expertly chosen, and they all performed admirably. This show, London Files Review, has a special storyline that will engage viewers on many levels.

Rating of London Files on Imbd

The web series “London Files Review” is excellent and gives viewers a lot of fun. Because of the storyline and direction that this web show has, London Files’ Imdb rating of 8.8 stars out of 10 is excellent and great. The audience adores this programme, which receives excellent ratings.

Cast list for London Files

  • Arjun Rampal
  • Purab kohli
  • Medha Rana
  • Gopal Datt
  • Sapna pabbi
  • Eva Jenni Wilis
  • Sagar arya
  • Shanice Archer
  • Amritanshu Kumar
  • Adil zubair

OTT Platform for London Files

The London Files Review is currently available on OTT. This great web series has amazing content for viewers that will provide an incredible and suspenseful storyline. Voot is a fantastic and very good OTT platform that offers a huge amount of content for its users’ entertainment. It is located in London.

Release Date of London Files

The first episode of the London Files online series will premiere in April 2022. The premiere date of this incredible web series London Files is April 21, 2022. And the Voot OTT Platform has made it available.

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