Jersey Movie Review | Jersey Movie Cast, Imdb Rating, OTT Platform, Release Date

Jersey Movie Review is now available here. Today, we’ll discuss the cast of the movie Jersey. What is the Jersey movie rating on IMDb? What is the OTT Platform for Jersey Movie? What day does the movie Jersey come out? This post about the just released movie contains all the information you need.

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Review of the Jersey movie

This Jersey Movie Review is a very good movie and is unquestionably close to becoming a blockbuster, but there is a big challenge because there are two movies released on the same day, and against this Jersey Movie Review there is Super movie KGF Chapter 2, and both movies are excellent. There are many remake movies made, and they are always much better than the original.

The movie Jersey has an excellent tale about a boy who experienced failure before starting to follow his love. The story revolves on this entire event, and the film offers a strong message for young people.

This movie has a lot of enjoyable aspects that will keep us entertained for the entire running time, but it is a remake, which is a big weakness because everyone is familiar with the original story and nothing has been altered. None the less, all of the actors and the director did excellent work for this film, and every member of the crew gave it their all. The audience will find a lot of entertainment in this Jersey movie review.

Cast List for Jersey Movie

  • Shahid Kapur
  • Mrunal Thakur
  • Sharik Khan
  • Geetika Mehandru
  • Sunil Saraswat
  • Pankaj Kapur
  • Anjum Battra
  • Shishir Sharma
  • Shanu Kumar
  • palak singh
  • Ronit Kamra

Rating of Jersey Movie on Imdb

Jersey has a very high Imdb rating. This movie has gotten such a high imdb rating because it is fantastic in every way and provides the audience with everything they could possibly want. The audience loves this film as well, and a great deal of people have been looking forward to it.

Ott platform for Jersey Movie

The movie Jersey will be released in theatres rather than on an OTT platform. This New Released Jersey Movie Review will also be available on OTT, but it won’t be for a while, and as of right now, neither the OTT platform nor the release date have been confirmed. As such, we’ll publish it as soon as we learn more.

Release Date of Jersey Movie

In April 2022, the motion picture Jersey will be released. The release date for Jersey is April 14, 2022. This movie will be shown in theatres all over the world.

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