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Indias First Esport Platform is available here. Through EWar Games Application We can earn Paytm Cash and transfer our earnings to our Paytm wallet. Additionally, we’ll offer an EWar Referral Code. The best app to play and make money.

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EWar Games App

This application is the ideal earning app for you if you enjoy playing games like PUBG, COD mobile, or free fire because you can make money while having fun. There are numerous tournaments that you can enter to immediately win real money.

Features of EWar Games App

  • Choose a game to play from over 25 options.
  • Watch your favourite streamers’ video streams.
  • Real money that is withdrawable into Paytm with a single click.

How to Download Ewar Apk

  1. Download the programme from EWar Games’ official website (Download App From Given Download Button Below ).

  2. Join the tournament from your favourite game by registering using the app.

  3. Win the competition to receive real Paytm money. (To win, make sure your squad is strong.)

Download the Ewar apk using the link provided below:

Referral Code of EWar Games App

Referral Code :- 3I9M9VHL57

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