Heropanti 2 Review | Heropanti 2 Release Date, Box Office Collection, Imdb Rating, Cast

The film New Sequal Heropanti 2 Review has just been released, and today we’ll tell you all about it. When does Heropanti 2 come out? How much money has the movie made at the box office? How is Heropanti 2 rated on IMDb? What’s the cast list for Heropanti 2? This post has complete details about all the facts.

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Review of Heropanti 2

Heropanti is a fantastic movie that was produced a few years ago; everyone adores it. Now, Heropanti 2 Review, the sequel, has been released in theatres. Though the film’s title is appealing, its second half’s content is very different. As far as material goes, the new Heropanti 2 Review film is excellent. It is an action, drama, and criminal film. Tiger Shroff was chosen as the film’s first lead actor by the director, Ahmad Khan.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is the most talented actor we will see this time in Heropanti 2 Review, and as a result of him, the movie’s popularity has increased significantly. The plot is completely different from the first instalment; this time, the hero will face the powerful, insane villen.

Now that Heropanti 2 has been released, it lacks the special effects of its predecessor. Although every performer performed excellent work in this film, the storyline fell short of expectations. Although the direction is poor, the film is nevertheless watchable and worth seeing once.

Release Date of Heropanti 2

The movie Heropanti 2 has just been released in theatres. The Heropanti 2 Release Date is April 29, 2022, and this film is being released in theatres all around the world.

Box office Collection of Heropanti 2

Heropanti 2 is off to a slow start at the box office. Heropanti 2 has only made 11 crores at the box office so far, falling short of expectations and still counting.

Rating of Heropanti 2 on Imdb

The film Heropanti 2 is Excellent film, yet it failed to live up to audience expectations. Not for other reasons, but for acting, movies are fantastic. Heropanti 2 has a very, very low imdb rating and isn’t even a good movie. The imdb rating for Heropanti 2 is only 2.4 stars out of 10. The audience despises this film and its lack of logic.

Cast list for Heropanti 2

  • Tiger shroff
  • Abhinay Raj Singh
  • Tara Sutariya
  • Nawazuddin Siddiqui
  • Mark Rhino Smith
  • Lee Westwick
  • Vaibhav Chaudhary
  • Sammy Johns
  • Mahim Mausam
  • Sarwan Ali
  • Saira Pandhal
  • Atul Sharma
  • Alma Tillott
  • Phil Tillott
  • Anil Sanchania
  • Natasha Powell

Ott platform for Heropanti 2

As with all other movies, the Heropanti 2 movie will undoubtedly be released on the OTT platform. There is currently no information on the film’s release date or OTT platform since it has already been released in theatres. As new information comes in, we will update it.

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