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The DJI Osmo mobile3 third version of DJI’s gimbal stabilisation system for smartphones is excellent for you if you want to raise the bar on your production quality, whether you’re a vlogger, journalist, youtuber, or just a parent who wants to share awesome movies on Facebook.  The DJI Osmo mobile3 Combo Kit has various upgrades in addition to most of the functionality from the previous Osmo Mobile model. The handle has been changed so that all of the ports are accessible when it is charging, that it can be folded down for storage, and that it is much more comfortable and usable while held at a 15° angle.

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DJI Osmo mobile3 Smartphone Gimbal



  • Brand Name: Dji
  • Weight: 405 g
  • Model: OF100
  • Type: 18650 Li-ion
  • Capacity: 2450 mAh
  • Energy: 17.64 Wh
  • Charging Time: 2.5 hrs
  • Max Controllable Speed: 120°/s
  • Model type: Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0
  • App for Osmo mobile3: DJI Mimo


Key Features

  • Supports Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Controllable range: -85.1 to 252.2° roll, -84.5 to 235.7° tilt, and -162.5 to 170.3° pan
  • Redesigned ports on the foldable form, with the handle at a 15° angle.
  • Supports smartphones up to 3.5″ wide
  • A powerful motor
  • Simple to balance
  • Magnetic phone holder


The physical layout of the Osmo mobile3 has seen the most significant change. Despite the fact that DJI mostly based its design on the crowd-funded Snoppa Atom gimbal

DJI Mimo app


The Osmo mobile3‘s app, DJI Mimo, is an integral part of the user experience. This app, which is quite user-friendly, is also usable with other DJI gadgets.

Osmo Mobile 3 Smart Software

Although the gimbal hardware is great, the software in the DJI Mimo app is what I like most about the Osmo Mobile. With the help of advanced filmmaking tools like ActiveTrack, Hyperlapse, and Motionlapse, it’s simpler than ever to produce stunning videos, even on a phone.

Shooting modes


The DJI Osmo mobile3 performs every function a smartphone gimbal is expected to perform, including mechanical stabilisation, pan/tilt control, timelapse/motionlapse, and more. If you currently use a smartphone gimbal, there’s a strong chance the Osmo Mobile 3 will perform nearly all of the same functions.

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  • Cheapest gimbal from DJI
  • Stabilization is steadfast.
  • Most shooting techniques
  • The new folding design is revolutionary.


  • The DJI Mimo app is restricted.
  • Better vertical stabilisation may be possible.

Our Choice

According to our choice DJI Osmo mobile3 performs every function a smartphone gimbal is expected to perform and it is the cheapest and best version of DJI gimbals.

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