Best trading app updates In October 2022 In The UK, And USA

Hello everyone and welcome back to the most recent instalment of your Best trading app for October 2022’s news and all new product launches. In the USA and the UK. We’re starting off with a thrilling. Best trading app are Here Below.

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Trading 212

Message from Trading 212. Trading 212 has finally declared that they are accepting new clients and sign-ups after playing the hard to get game for a year.


Freetrade has announced its ongoing plans to introduce USD-denominated ETFs, OTC (over-the-counter) stocks, and after-hours trading, so there is a huge amount of fresh information available. For those of you who love spreadsheets, it is also developing an export-to-CSV capability, as well as improved search capabilities and personalisation. It also has LISAs and JISAs in the pipeline for those who are interested. And once this is launched, we’ll keep you informed.


A fast one from Chase and, sort of, Nutmeg as well. If you didn’t know, Nutmeg was just purchased by Chase Bank. Additionally, Chase intends to completely incorporate Nutmeg into the Chase app now that the transaction has been completed.


This month, a lot of providers updated their referral programmes or introduced new ones. For instance, Moneyfarm is giving you up to £500 if you invest with them before October 28, 2022. You need to invest £50,000 to receive the whole £500, £10,000 to receive £120, £5,000 to receive £60, and at least £2,500 to receive just £30 because the funding is tier-based.


When you register a new account before the end of October and deposit £10,000 or more, Bestinvest is offering an october cashback benefit of up to £400. If you already do business with Bestinvest, you can do the same for new accounts. If you deposit £10,000, you receive £100; £20,000, £200; £30,000; and £40,000, you receive £300; £400. To receive your money after opening and depositing, send Bestinvest an email by November 30, 2022. All the information is provided in our assessment of Bestinvest, which is linked in the summary below.


Dodl has introduced a referral programme of its own, and it’s easy to use, just like its namesake. You and your friend can fill out a referral form on the website, and if you start investing £500, you’ll both receive a £30 gift card. Again, there are certain T&Cs; for more information, see our review of Dodl. We’ll be bringing you the most recent information on all of your favourite trading apps once a month, so be sure to like, subscribe, and click the bell so you don’t miss out. Visit by clicking this link to discover our current list of the top trading apps available in the UK and the USA. I appreciate your time until the next time.

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