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Wiki-Biography of Arvind Swami

Mr. Arvind Swamy Wiki is an Indian actor best known for his roles in Tamil films. Before returning to acting in Mani Ratnam’s 2013 film Kadal, Arvind spent a decade in enterprises spanning from engineering erection and building, international trade, and global outsourcing. Additionally, he had a negative part in the 2015 movie Thini Oruvan.

He was Mani Ratnam’s actor debut in the drama film Thalapathi (1991), and he later reprised the major role in Ratnam’s Roja (1992) and Bombay (1993). (1995). Arvind later appeared in additional projects, such as the 1996 Malayalam film Devaraagam, Minsaara Kanavu, and Mani Ratnam’s Alaipayuthey (2000).

Biography of Arvind Swami

Actual NameArvind Swamy, Aravind Swami
ProfessionActor, Model, Entrepreneur,
Famous RoleRishi Kumar In Roja (1992)
Height172Cm, 5’8″
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
AwardsFilmfare Tamil For Best Tamil Actor in 2016.
Age50 Years
Birth PlaceTrichy, Tamil Nadu

Family of Arvind Swami

Delhi Kumar Is Arvind Swami’s Father According To Wiki Actor, he is. According to wiki, Arvind Swami’s mother is C.V.S. Vasantha Swami. Gayathri Ramamurthy, Arvind Swami’s wife, is a lawyer. Arvind Swami is the father of two kids. Rudra is Arvind Swami’s son, and Adhira is the name of his daughter.

What is the age of Arvind Swami?

Arvind Swami’s wiki age is 50 years. In Tamil Nadu, India, on June 18, 1970, he was born.

Who Is the Wife of Arvind Swami?

Gayathri Ramamurthy is the name of Arvind Swami’s wife. One daughter and one son are their two children.

What Is the Net worth of Arvind Swami?

According to our information, Arvind Swami has a net worth of $20 million.

What are the Movies of Arvind Swami?

The upcoming film Thalaivi, featuring Kangana Ranaut, is directed by Arvind Swami.

Some Facts About Arvind Swami

  • He initially desired to become a physician.
  • For extra spending money during college, he engaged in modelling.
  • He has been referred to as one of the first few Indian actors to successfully gain pan-Indian appeal.

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