Adding nest aware| Nest Aware Annual Subscription

The Nest Aware home security camera is the newest member of the Google family of security cameras. The Nest Cam functioned admirably throughout testing, capturing clear 1080p video and detecting activity brought on by humans and animals. However, it requires adding nest aware subscription in order to watch recorded video that is older than three hours and to use its face identification functionality. Complete Method of adding nest aware to subscription is given below.

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Nest Security Camera from Google

adding nest aware


  • Product name: Nest scecurity cam
  • Brand: Google
  • Field of View: 130 degrees
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Night Vision: yes
  • Alarm: no


High-quality audio

adding nest aware

The audio is of excellent quality. Although the Nest’s internal speaker for two-way communication is not likely to sound as well as a high-end stereo system, it is still better than most.

Familiar Faces Feature

You can use the familiar faces feature if you have a Google Aware subscription.

Activity Zones Function

If your Nest Cam can detect things like passing cars or a branch of a tree moving in the wind, you might find that you’re receiving a lot of pointless notifications. Utilizing the Activity Zone function of the camera, you can skip that repetitive motion.

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  • Simple to install
  • Intelligent alerts
  • Face identification


  • Expensive
  • Many functions need a subscription.

How To Add Nest Aware?

Step 1Sign up for a Nest account
Step 2Connect your Nest camera to your Nest account
Step 3Select the Nest Aware plan that’s right for you
Step 4Start Using Nest Aware
Step 5Enable the Recognition of Familiar Faces
Step 6Alerts for persons can be set up
Step 7Keep track of your video history continuously

Our Choice

It is the Best security camera for homes with audio of excellent quality, adding nest aware subscription to use familiar faces feature and Activity Zone function without adding nest aware subscription.

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